WHO is Deward Yates

Deward Yates

I am a retired Geography Teacher with a life-long interest in History – especially Canadian.

When I retired I was given the opportunity to join a colleague teaching classes in Canadian History at 2 Senior’s Centres.  This gave me the chance to continue to do something I greatly enjoy – teach,  and a new area of study from my own knowledge base.

The result has been the gaining of a detailed wealth of knowledge of Canadian history and the rich wealth of interesting individuals that make up our past.

Few years ago I was challenged by one of the students to take them on bus tours to the historic sites that I was teaching about – with some assistance the challenge was accepted.  A bus tour through the Maritimes was the first effort – carefully planned to focus on the historic sites and spectacular scenery of our Maritime provinces.  This trip has been followed by tours to Victoria and back, to Newfoundland, the Gaspe and Iles de Madeleine, Gettysburg, Jamestown, and Washington,  Boston and Cape Cod, Montreal, Trois Rivieres and Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

I have found the planning, promoting, and then functioning as a guide and escort to be very enjoyable.  It allows me to take others to places of historic significance and to share my enthusiasm for each location’s stories.  I believe that history should not be left in the textbook or in the classroom but should be experienced.

I would be thrilled to share a trip with you as I continue to visit fascinating historical sites.